Meet the Board

Kelly Brown

National Board Member


Ko Takatimu te waka

Ko Hikurangi mea Maungakotukutuku nga maunga

Ko Manaia Te Awa

Ko Hauraki Te Moana

Ko Ngati Kahungunu te Iwi

Ko Ngati Pukenga te Hapu

Ko Te Kou o Rehua Marae

Ko Kapiti te Kainga

Ko Clinical Coordinator mea Justice Liaison Nurse Te Korowai Whariki

Ko Kelly toko ingoa



My career began at the Regional Rangatahi Acute Inpatient Service as an inpatient nurse.

The unit had a BiCultural underpinning which I think allowed me to practice in a different way.

To acknowledge, appreciate and value ‘wairua’ of Rangatahi before illness,

To be continually challenging ideas of Bi-Culturalism within inpatient setting,

To see Rangatahi develop and grow

And proud to be the only consistent Maori nurse for a considerable number of years.

I then became a Youth Justice Liaison Nurse for Te Korowai Whariki.

A challenging role within itself, working with Youth and the Justice system, from Regional Youth courts to Youth Justice Residence.

To develop relationships within the judicial setting, who play an integral part in contributing to our Rangatahi succeeding.

Furthermore, working within the Young Adult List Court, an initiative that functions under the umbrella of “restorative Justice’ for those aged 18 – 25yrs, this is a very rewarding court as many offenders exit the justice system without a record.

My main role is Clinical Co-Ordinator for Te Korowai Whariki which is a varied, with developing relationships within the Forensic Community, Corrections, Inpatient Unit, and Community Accommodation Services to provide best outcomes within the Forensic Service. This is a challenging position where I learn something new all the time.


I am pleased to be a new member of TAM and I look forward to utilizing all the knowledge within TAM.