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The College shall award the distinction of Fellowship every two years, at the biennial conference, to members who meet the criteria set out below and who make application in accordance with the process established.

Criteria for the award of Fellowship are:

  • Three years membership of the College
  • Outstanding contribution and leadership to the profession of mental health nursing in the area of clinical practice, education, research, or professional leadership
  • Contribution to the development and functioning of the College
Fellowship Nomination Form

2019 Fellows

  • Anna Kempthorne
  • Anne Brebner
  • Bart van Gaalen
  • Henriette de Vries
2019 Fellowship Ceremony Presentation

2017 Fellows

  • Stu Bigwood
  • Lois Boyd
  • Maria Baker
  • Kay McCauley

2015 Fellows

  • Dr Reena Kainamu
  • Dr Daryl Deering
  • Toni Dal Din

2013 Fellows

  • Dr. Helen Hamer
  • Carmel Haggerty

2011 Fellows

  • Heather Casey
  • Thelma Puckey 
  • Dr. Chris Taua    

2009 Fellows

  • Ron Baker
  • Kaye Carncross
  • Chris Lyall

2007 Fellows

  • Suzette Poole
  • Hineroa Hakiaha
  • Chris Hattan
  • Dr. Frances Hughes
  • Dr. Brian McKenna
  • Erina Morrison
  • Helen O’Sullivan
  • Dr. Kate Prebble
  • Tio Sewell
  • Dr. Mark Smith
  • Brian Pickering
  • Dr. Tony O’Brien